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Take on the future of marketing with our scalable solutions.
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Ever wondered why you get irrelevant communications from your favourite brands? Do they just not understand you?

Of course they try, but often brands find themselves overwhelmed with customer information and are not sure how to optimise its use.

We can fix that for you with our dynamic decisioning tool, uDecide®

Better understand your customers

With uDecide®, every customer engagement – every piece of data – is treated as an actionable insight about the real person behind the data. Now you as the brand can better understand the picture of your customer. A picture that gets clearer with every engagement between you and the customer.

Right time, right offer, right channel

uDecide® allows communicating on a one-to-one level—on a level that only gets better over time—with personalised and dynamic content.
uDecide’s engine sends optimised offers to the customer at the right time in the right way. By making real-time decisions, the platform is automatically tailoring the output based on the customer’s behaviours, preferences, transaction history, and more.

Dynamic personalisation at scale

By looking at each customer’s data-set , it scores the offers, triggers and incentives – predicting what is best at scale, but still tailored to the individual.

For the brand this means better, dynamic content based on smarter decisions. More relevant communications, happier customers, increased spend and increased ROI.

Certified on Cloudera

uDecide® is a Cloudera Certified Technology. uDecide® has been tested and validated to work seamlessly with Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera’s 100 percent open-source and enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects.