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Take on the future of marketing with our scalable solutions.
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Customer-centric marketing is at the core of every marketer’s objective today. For many, marketing automation is a small but painful part of this objective, often because of the time, cost and hassle of having to assess what providers are in the market and what benefits a new provider will give them. Often a dynamic solution is too complex and costly, and a cheap out-of-the-box solution doesn’t meet the growing needs.

Ease and speed of implementation

The cost and hassle are drastically reduced with CoreBox. It becomes a simple solution that still meets your detailed marketing and business needs. We can help you optimise your automation strategies and executions with implementations that can be in place within only 3 months.

Engage with customers on a personalised level

Within CoreBox, our in house Lifecycle Value Management program can help you to start engaging better with your customers at a one to one level, with relevant and timely communications. Saving you money, time and headache as relevant and timely customer campaigns go out with ease.

Out-of-the-box yet dynamic solution

With CoreBox, it is simple. You have the perfect blend of an out-of-the-box solution blended with a dynamic solution that allows for optimising and configuration, and this can be up and running in just 90 days.