Digital Alchemy | Solutions
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Digital Alchemy has spent the last 13 years learning what our clients need and in turn what their customers need. As a result we have developed best in class technologies that allow our clients to better engage and communicate with their customers to build a stronger relationship and ultimately increase their revenues.



Our experience in the industry has allowed us to see the technologies that best suit a particular situation, and whilst we have Digital Alchemy solutions, not one solution delivered to any of our clients has ever been implemented in the same way – We pride ourselves on our ability to configure to your needs and help you better fit the solution to your business requirements.


 Automated continuous marketing capability

Out-of-the-box yet dynamic marketing automation solution that allows for optimising and configuration and can be up and running in just 90 days.


Real-time decisioning

Automatically tailor the marketing offers based on the customer’s behaviour, preferences, transaction history, and more.